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Saving your money, saving our planet!

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are concerned with climate change and want to play their part to help mitigate their carbon footprint. Beautiful, reliable and safe-electric vehicles are the trend in the future, they are the next stage in the natural evolution of the automotive industry.


As A Professional OEM/ODM Factory

Zaidtek was born from a simple question: How can we do best to provide supporting devices to help promote the process of climate change? Our answer is through the supply of home charger. In our life, many car owners worry that they will face the problem of daily charging and long-distance charging after buying electric vehicles. However, the construction of commercial charging network generally lags behind the charging demand, so home charger becomes more and more important. The home charger will greatly improve the confidence of car owners to buy electric vehicles, so as to better promote global energy conservation and emission reduction. We have a variety of fast and smart EV chargers which are compatible with all electric vehicles and can be utilized at home, public places, retail and workplace, wired electric vehicle chargers allow car owners to charge up fast instead of waiting hours. Don’t be only using your vehicle after a full night of charging, use our chargers that will fill your car up quickly! You can charge your electric vehicle at smarter times, such as when the electricity costs are lower. Electric vehicle economy is booming day by day, actually, we started to join it and ready to play an important role in this area, so you are!


Found In 2006

Zaidtek is a specialized manufacturer for well-known companies, Amazon, DSG, Lidl, Walmart, Metro, Carrefour, etc. Being a business based on customer satisfaction we are constantly focusing on high quality, timely delivery, excellent service and competitive price. Giving top priority to quality we have established an advanced quality control system strictly following the ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO13485/ISO45001/BSCI/FCCA/FQA standard. Our products comply with CE, UKCA, FCC, REACH & ROHS, etc. High-quality EV chargers with the best price, save your money with convenient charging! Warmly welcome to join us!

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