Type 2 Home Portable EVSE Charger 3.5KW, 16A, 5 metre cable, e-car Schuko for electric car and hybrid on socket

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Zaidtek – Type 2 Portable Ev Charger 3.5KW, 16A, 5 metre TPU cable 

1. The power is 3.5kw, the battery capacity is 50kwh, the theoretical charging time is calculated: 50/3.5=14h, it takes about 14 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

2. 40% faster than the standard charging cable type 2 supplied by the manufacturer – with 3.5 kW and 16A, can be connected to a standard Schuko household socket


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1. Compatible with all electric cars and plug in hybrids with type 2 or CCS2 plugs such as model 3 / e-up, ID.3, ID.4 / Zoe / Kono / Fortwo / 500 e, 500 / i3, X3 / A4, S4, Rs4, A6, S6, Rs6, e-tron, Q5. / GLC / KK. uga / Leon / Yaris and many more
2. Safe charging thanks to over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection as well as residual current, PE control, and splash protection according to protection class IP55
3. Durable: Schuko charging cable type 2 with 10,000 plug cycles (over 10 years with daily use), override protection up to 2 tonnes and shock and impact resistant housing
4. Default Package: Brown Carton, if you add extra black bag, the 5-metre long Schuko type 2 charging cable can be quickly and easily stored and transported

Zaidtek - Type 2 Portable Ev Charger 3.5KW

Zaidtek - Type 2 Portable Ev Charging device

Zaidtek -Portable Ev Charger 3.5KW

Zaidtek - Portable Ev Charger

Zaidtek - Type 2 Ev Charging Connector

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